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Wed Jan 6 17:46:53 CET 2021

i really would prefer to keep this on ess-help.

Thanks, Dirk!


On Wed, 6 Jan 2021, 00:57 Dirk Eddelbuettel via ESS-help, <
ess-help using r-project.org> wrote:

> 1. There are now fourteen of us in a GitHub organization at
>       https://github.com/ess-intro
>    with an overall 'top-level' repo
>       https://github.com/ess-intro/ess-intro
>    Membership defaults to 'private' so unless you're (or a person makes it
>    public) in you won't see membership, but it's everybody who had chipped
> in
>    over at collabedit and left a GH handle to indicate the desire to
>    join. (And we generally do this in 'visor down' mode: we prefer to have
> a
>    name and repo for a handle not a faceless anonymous entity.)
> 2. The top-level repo https://github.com/ess-intro/ess-intro has
>       - issue tickets (which we should probably use for overall topics,
>         questions, discussions etc)
>       - a wiki with so far two subpages on topics (mostly copied from the
> old
>         page) and style; after a snafu every org member should be able to
> edit
>       - the possibility to use GitHub 'projects' etc (which I have never
> used)
> 3. It also has three first repos for presentations (with common naming
> pattern)
>       - basic installation of standard emacs
>       - spacemacs installation
>       - rmarkdown
> 4. We have a number of other proposals in the topic list and we might want
> to
>    expand to more repos. I am not sure what the best way forward---maybe
>    folks should just show initiative and open a repo if there was
> sufficient
>    consensus on a topic idea?
> 5. The old (and more 'wild west') page at collabedit.com is slowly winding
>    down; I have been committing snapshots of it to the ess-intro repo.
> 6. It would be nice of the 'presentation topic' repos could have not only
>    collaborators, but maybe 'reviewers' or 'editors' i.e. if one or two
>    people could volunteer to read things over and give feedback.  Opening
> an
>    issue in the repo may be the easiest.
> 7. It was suggested that I add a page on 'tech' or 'tricks' to detail how I
>    recorded videos for the t^4 series I did last spring on shell etc
>    tricks. I plan to add a wiki page for that.
> That's it so far. Thanks to ess-help for being patient. Let us know when we
> become a nuisance; we could always setup a list elsewhere but maybe this
> can
> remain our home for a bit if we promise to keep the volume down :)
> Cheers, Dirk
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