[ESS] Installing, testing various ESS, does roxygen -> html work for you?

Sparapani, Rodney r@p@r@p@ @end|ng |rom mcw@edu
Tue Sep 29 18:47:46 CEST 2015

> I can confirm that I can avoid ALL of the system init packages
> $ emacs --no-site-file flop.R
> My init.el is executed and I get the ESS from my account.
> I think that's a pretty drastic fix. Look at all this stuff piled up
> on Ubuntu's /etc/emacs/site-start.d that I don't get anymore:
> 00debian-vars.el          50pspp.el
> 50asymptote.el            50psvn.el
> 50auctex.el               50pylint.el
> 50autoconf.el             50pymacs.el
> 50dictionaries-common.el  50python-docutils.el
> 50emacs-goodies-el.el     50python-mode.el
> 50ess.el

Well, this is getting into a discussion about emacs more than ESS.
But, I don't think it is drastic at all.  For example, if you still
want auctex, then put this in your .emacs 
(require 'tex-site "/etc/emacs/site-start.d/50auctex.el")

I don't use Debianized emacs (and there is a reason ;o)
but it seems like that should work.

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