[ESS] ESS + Maxima

Tamas Papp tkpapp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 12:04:33 CEST 2015


I would like to experiment with adding Maxima support to ESS. While
Maxima has an Emacs mode, it is not getting a lot of development, and I
think that ESS would offer a lot of features; then I could also use
existing code for org-mode integration (current ob-maxima does not
support sessions). Also, I use ESS for R and Julia, so it would make my
life easier. I have the following questions:

1. Is there any a priori reason why this is a bad idea?

2. I thought I would just look at the other languages, copy its source
file and modify accordingly. Which one would you recommend? R seems of
course to be the most complete, but at the same time the most complex.



PS.: I looked at the mailing list for prior work, but only found

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