[ESS] how to use Stata in Emacs (with ess)

ollie_m olivier.ma.dq at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 09:10:41 CEST 2015

I'm trying to run Stata do-files in the Emacs editor, and I have already
installed the ESS package (actually I installed a modified Emacs with ess
built in, as recommended for Windows users in the ess installation manual.). 

Now when I open up an do-file, the syntax is properly highlighted, the mode
is show as (ESS [sta]), but I just have no clue how to run the do-file (the
chosen line or the whole do-file), and how to see the results.

I have been googling for quite a while and haven't found any thing about it
yet, and the ESS package manual has turned out to be the most esoteric user
manual I have ever read.

In the ESS manual, it says that to start a process, I should M-x stata, then
Emacs would prompt me a question "Starting data directory?"

What exactly is this directory? is it where Stata is installed? is it where
my do-file is located? or is it where my .dta files are? I certainly have no
.Data file..

when I tried to run the do-file (C-c C-b), Emacs told me "Searhing for
program: no such file or directory, stata". so I guess Emacs is having some
difficulty finding where my Stata is installed. How can I fix this?

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