[ESS] Is this useful for discriminating Sweave vs knitr docs?

Stephen Eglen S@J@Eg|en @end|ng |rom d@mtp@c@m@@c@uk
Tue Apr 7 12:20:58 CEST 2015

> I agree that the ESS should use the file ocal variables approach and not
> use the RStudio syntax, but I would suggest that ESS can offer to *add*
> the file local variables if the RStudio syntax is present and possibly
> vice versa as well, i.e. write, in *addition* to the file local
> variables, the RStudio syntax as well?

Thanks Martin, Rainer.

I'm a bit wary of having two syntaxes around (think about the poor end
user... what if two conflicting values are provided?).

Any of the Rstudio team on here and wish to comment?  I'm all for trying
to ensure we keep our conventions together a bit more closely.
(Sectioning comments is another that springs to mind.)


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