[ESS] Polymode is on MELPA

Phillip Lord phillip.lord at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Sep 16 14:45:22 CEST 2014

Andreas Leha <andreas.leha at med.uni-goettingen.de> writes:

> Hi Phillip,
> Phillip Lord <phillip.lord at newcastle.ac.uk> writes:
>> Andreas Leha <andreas.leha at med.uni-goettingen.de> writes:
>>> Very nice!  I am looking forward to such functionality for org->R !
>> I'll add that next if you want it. The configuration for org->R is the
>> same as org->el with a different comment character.
> Very nice., I'd be interested in this.  Just to be sure: are we talking
> about https://github.com/phillord/linked-buffer?
> In that case I'd still need to buffers open for the same file, correct?
> I'd just have them open permanently instead of creating a source buffer
> when I want to edit source code?

That's the idea. You can also switch buffers into the same window --
then it looks like you are changing mode. This could be done
automatically, although as linked-buffers can have different text in
them, this can be a little bit jarring visually since some of the text

Sometimes, I just open two buffers side-by-side and just move by eyes,
leaving point where it is. At the moment, linked-buffers is too new for
me to be sure about the user interface. I'm knocking off the rough-edges
as I go. These things take years.


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