[ESS] Polymode is on MELPA

Phillip Lord phillip.lord at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Sep 16 16:40:58 CEST 2014

Thorsten Jolitz <tjolitz at gmail.com> writes:

>> The el->org support that I am doing at the moment uses the same logic. I
>> have it mostly working now.
> This is then the third independent realization of this idea I see
> (poporg.el, outorg.el and now your linked-buffers), proving that its not
> only me who thinks that embedding source-code in text starts to feel
> 'wrong' once the 'programming' part becomes more important than the
> 'literate' part.  

Well, this is the way I have implemented it with org and emacs-lisp. But
this was mostly because I want the emacs-lisp to remain the "source". An
org file with untangable lisp is problematic, because you can't load the
lisp directly with require.

But linked-buffers is meant to be more generic (like indirect-buffers),
this is just one use of it. And it is agnostic to BOTH major modes. So,
it works with clojure and latex, as well as emacs-lisp and org.

> But since there was no way to convince the Emacs Guru's to switch from 
> oldschool:
> ,----
> | ;;; 1st Level Header
> `----
> to 
> outshine:
> ,----
> | ;; * 1st Level Header
> `----
> I actually had to implement both styles, so outshine/outorg work with
> both styles and know how to do this conversion too ;)

Yep, I have (or had) the same problem.

>> Anyway, this is supposed to be the ESS mailing list and I appear to have
>> hijacked it with linked-buffer evangalism. Apologies!
> true, and I could not hesitate to do some further library advertising, so
> here are my apologies too.
> OTOH, I could not imagine to work with ESS[R] buffers anymore that are
> not structured like Org-files and don't give access to many of Org's
> features, so I think its an important topic, no matter if its polymode,
> linked-buffers or outshine (or something else) that is finally used.

org does rather spoil you for life when it comes to text syntaxes. I've
reached the point of insanity where I had unmarked up text in
emacs-lisp, markdown in README.md and plans and other stuff in org-mode.
I'm hoping that I can cut this down.


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