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Sun Jun 5 16:26:46 CEST 2011


I was hoping someone else would answer your question but now I see
noone has. And I do not really know the answer. I only guess it should
be fairly easy. As far as I understand the code, r-autoyas.el puts its
key bindings into the ess-mode hook. It could probably be changed to
include the noweb hook (???). Or you could define another (global?)
key for explicit call of r-autoyas-expand-maybe.


Am 23.05.2011 21:57, schrieb David Afshartous:
> Sven,
> I installed r-autoyas and yasnippet and everything works as advertised
> for .R files.   What particular change do I need to make to r-autoyas
> such that it works for .Rnw files?
> David
> On 05/20/2011 01:56 PM, Sven Hartenstein wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> there is an update of r-autoyas now at my website:
>> http://www.svenhartenstein.de/Software/R-autoyas
>> Matthew Fidler has continued to work on it and it has changed (I'd say
>> improved) quite a bit:
>>     - Now<tab>   does even more: if you changed the highlighted argument,
>>       it will just jump to the next one, if you have not, it will delete
>>       it from the list (no other key needed for that) and then jump.
>>     -<tab>   also expands function names.
>>     - Snippets are cached now.
>>     - Several configurable options, including line break within the
>>       argument list and intelligent removal of explicit assignments, the
>>       latter leading to
>>         write.table(d, "file-name.csv")
>>       rather than
>>         write.table(x=d, file="file-name.csv")
>>     - ...
>> As I wrote some weeks ago, my knowledge of lisp is far exceeded by
>> Matthew's code. As I very much like his version, I decided to only
>> make available his version, in order to not have multiple versions at
>> the same time. I will most probably not actively continue development
>> of r-autoyas.
>> I hope you like the new version. To those of you who have preferences
>> regarding the parenthesis: I do not know whether it is easy to make
>> "(" expand the snippet or to exclude the closing ")". Sorry. Maybe
>> someone else can check that and/or make it more configurable if
>> necessary?
>> Sven
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