[ESS] "auto-scroll" R process buffer?

Marianne Promberger marianne.promberger at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Jun 6 12:50:50 CEST 2011

Dear ESS list,

I often work with R/Emacs by splitting the Emacs window, and one
window showing a buffer containing R commands, the other the R

In the window showing the command file, I step through the R commands
paragraph-wise using C-c C-c, sending them to the R process.

As these commands are evaluated, they show up in the R process buffer/
window, but the contents of that window do not scroll along with the
new content. This means I no longer see the last lines of the R
process buffer.

I would like the R process window to keep moving text up as I send
commands to it from the other window, so that I always see the last
line. (The main advantage being that I would see errors when they
occur. I usually use this system to find where an error occurs if 
C-c C-l of the file containing R commands tells me there is an error.)




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