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Thu Dec 22 19:55:32 CET 2011

Brett Presnell <presnell at stat.ufl.edu> writes:


Probably better to take this over to the org-mode maillist.

But see below.

> I'm using the latest org-mode from the git repository together with ESS
> 5.14 in GNU Emacs 23.1.1, but I've been getting the following behaviour
> for as long as I can remember.
> Suppose I'm editing myfile.org, and inside an R source block I type
> C-c', which escapes to an ESS buffer where I can edit the R code using
> all the niceties of ESS.  If I type C-xC-s in the ESS buffer to save my
> work, it correctly saves myfile.org, but only after adding a blank line
> to the end of the source block.
> Is anyone else seeing this, or is it something peculiar to my setup?

I see it with Org-mode version 7.8.02 (release_7.8.02.3.gfb8c.dirty)
with R src blocks but not emacs-lsip blocks.

> Assuming not (laughable, I know), is there any way to turn it off?  I
> can't see any reason why I would want this blank line.
> PS: If you update to the latest org mode from git, you will find that
> a header lines like
> #+BABEL: :session *R* :results output :exports both :tangle yes :cache yes
> no longer works and needs to be replaced by
> #+PROPERTY:  session *R*
> #+PROPERTY:  results output
> #+PROPERTY:  exports both
> #+PROPERTY:  tangle yes
> #+PROPERTY:  cache yes

Yes, and don't forget to C-c C-c after changing those properties (or
save and open the file) or the new values will not be honored!

> Just another joy of being on the bleeding edge, but eventually this will
> make it into the stable release as well.


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