[ESS] showing function syntax

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Tue Dec 21 14:07:17 CET 2010

Jannis <bt_jannis at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Spectacular, it works like a charm! No idea why it did not do so
> before as I restarted emacs several times.....
> Thanks for your advice Stephen and Gerald! Thanks for porgramming and
> sharing this piece of code.

Thanks, I'm glad it is working.

> @Stephen: Is documentation really neccesary here? I am not sure
> whether there are more options etc. ...but even I managed to get it
> going (after some fiddling around).

I'd like to update the ESS documentation to mention it, so that next
time we can refer people to the docs!

Also, I have a request to get this working in *R* buffers (Thanks for
the idea, David Carslaw), so will try to do both things next time I get
to do some ESS updates.

Best wishes, Stephen

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