[ESS] new user questions: appending to transcripts and buffer management

Vitaly S. spinuvit.list at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 12:44:36 CEST 2010

Alex Bokov <bokov at uthscsa.edu> writes:

> 1.    If I quit an R session without quitting the buffer then later start a new one in that buffer, it will append
> to the existing buffer contents after delimiting them with a form-feed. This would be an improvement over the
> native loadhistory() and savehistory() method, except that it only works until I have to quit emacs. I cannot just
> save the transcript file with C-x C-w and restore the buffer state from it later.  The .St file gets opened in
> ess-transcript mode instead of in R-mode and even though I can still send previous commands to an R process in a
> separate buffer, there doesn't seem to be any way to append to the original .St file. If I save the new R buffer to
> an .St file, it overwrites the original.
It must be a pain to work with huge transcripts with a lot of clatter in
them. As Charles already mentioned just execute your commands from a working file
foo.R. There are loads of useful commands there. Some are not even
available in transcript mode.

> 2.    Emacs in general and ESS in particular spams me like crazy with various temporary buffers. What I would like
> to do is have one frame with a small collection of buffers I selected that I can cycle through using
> previous-buffer and next-buffer. All other buffers would be completely banned from that frame no matter how
> important emacs thinks they are and they would be instead be forced to use a separate frame.
> It would also be nice to automatically kill certain sessions as soon as they stop being in the foreground, but for
> now I'll settle just for segregating them all in one frame.
> Any suggestions on how to do that?

Try M-x ido-mode  then at any time C-x b to find a buffer (C-x f to find a file)
and see what happens:). See the wikki to customize ido to work for any
completion (r-help including).

For Alt-tab like behavior from usual OS (most-recent buffer) I use iflipb (used
many others like swbuff but this seems to work best for me.).

> Thank you
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