[ESS] submitting SAS files: SASUSER.REGSTRY

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Fri May 15 20:09:24 CEST 2009

Samuels, Laurie wrote:
> I have just started using ESS on Windows with GNU Emacs. When I submit a
> SAS program using F8, I briefly see the blue "SAS 9.1" startup image (as
> if I were actually starting SAS), and then my .log file contains the
> following lines at the beginning:
> NOTE: Unable to open SASUSER.REGSTRY. WORK.REGSTRY will be opened
> instead.
> NOTE: All registry changes will be lost at the end of the session.
> Is this what I should expect to see with submission of SAS programs
> using ESS?  My programs are running fine, but when I batch-submit a SAS
> program my usual (old) way (i.e., not using Emacs), neither of these
> things happens, so I thought I would ask.
> Thank you-
> Laurie Samuels

Sounds fine.  The splash screen pops up, apparently, because your 
configuration does not prohibit that.  I think the note is harmless.
If you need to use the registry, it might be a problem.  But
honestly, what is the registry anyways?  If you are asking us, then
you probably don't need it.  I never have (although, it doesn't
seem to exist under UNIX)

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