[ESS] help() and library() in R return "... cat: not found"

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Wed Mar 5 18:46:33 CET 2008

Vincent Goulet wrote:

> What I would like to suggest, though, is to try Aquamacs (http://aquamacs.org 
> ). It is a version of GNU Emacs very well integrated with the OS X  
> interface. (Personally, I "demac-ified" many things; I'm just too used  
> to M-w, C-w, C-y for copy-cut-paste.)  It comes bundled with many  
> goodies, including ESS and AUCTeX.
> Vincent

You can also try Cocoa Emacs which I find much better than Carbon Emacs
(which it sounds like you were using).  But, it doesn't come with other 
goodies like ESS and AUCTeX.  You can find it at
Hopefully, one of these will work better for you.


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