[ESS] take screenshot of active R Graphics window problem (linux)

G. Jay Kerns gkerns at ysu.edu
Thu Jul 3 05:11:22 CEST 2008

Dear ESS-help,

I am in the process of making the transition from Windows/R-Gui to
Linux/Emacs-ESS.  In particular, I have Ubuntu Hardy Heron installed
(32-bit and 64-bit on different desktops), and I have been
experimenting with Emacs 22-GTK and Emacs 22-X11 for evaluation.  On
both desktops, here is what I observe:

1) I can take a full screenshot (Print Screen) at any time and under
any circumstance.

2) In Emacs GTK, I can take a screenshot of the active Emacs window
(Alt-Print Screen), or even of the active window of the R process.

3) In Emacs GTK, I can NOT take a screenshot of an R Graphics:Device 2
(ACTIVE), even that of a simple plot(1:10).  I get the cursor circle
for a split-second and then nothing happens.

4) In Emacs X11, I can NOT take a screenshot of the active Emacs
window (Alt-Print Screen), or of the active window of the R process,
or of an R Graphics:Device 2 (ACTIVE).  I get the little circle which
goes away.

5) In Firefox, etc, I can take a screenshot of any active window that I want.

Here's what I tried:
A) reinstalling everything Emacs I could think of, including ESS.
B) reinstalling everything X11 that I could find.
C) uninstalling Emacs GTK, in case it was interfering with -X11 somehow.
D) getting rid of my .emacs file, which had some spooky business that
I had accumulated.
E) looking for other posts of this problem elsewhere. (...none)
E) BTW: going Applications -> Accessories -> Take Screenshot doesn't work.

To make matters worse: I have a laptop with hardy 32-bit installed and
everything seems to work fine; no problems that I can tell.  I seem to
remember being able to take screenshots of R Graphics windows in the
past, but have no idea what could have happened between now and then
to cause the trouble.

I am at a loss, and don't know what to do next.  Perhaps this is a
message better for Emacs-help or maybe the Ubuntu forums, but
everything is specifically in the context of using ESS - and I know
more of the people on this list.  :-)

Can anyone help me?



G. Jay Kerns, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor / Statistics Coordinator
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH 44555-0002 USA
Office: 1035 Cushwa Hall
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