[ESS] sweave/noweb from ESS ... "cleaning" function names..

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Hi Rodney,

Further to Ross's email, Miktex does come in multiple "flavour". You've
got the choice of a full or minimal installation. The full installation
will give you beamer, pgf, etc. (as long as they are part of the Tex
distribution). The minimal version will get you up and running quickly -
any additional packages can be installed on the fly when you process a
file using them.

I personally prefer to create PDF's as I haven't always been happy with
the conversions from dvi to ps to pdf (but maybe it's just me). Also,
using only one step rather than several conversion steps seems to be
more "efficient" (I do want pdf files as the end product).

Can you elaborate on why you feel that dvi is easier to work with?

With respect to DVI I've in the past (and the odd occasion of reading
dvi based documentation) I've never had a problem with Miktex's viewer.
It sometimes takes a while to generate the required fonts, but that's
only at first load - page displays after that as quick as one might
expect (e.g. Acrobat, MS Word etc).

Hope this help.


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Kevin Wright wrote:
> [Sorry for the late follow-up]
> FYI...with MiXTeX on Windows I use
> texify --pdf --run-viewer file.tex
> which eliminates the need to tell tex to run a given number of times
> and then separately open the PDF (since these are both automatic).
> (Could eliminate a TODO item for ESS).
> I don't know if all tex distributions include 'texify' or not.
> Also, can I suggest including 'downcase' in appropriate places like:
> (search ".rnw" (downcase (buffer-name)))
> This helps people that use that use "rnw" instead of "Rnw" for file
> Kevin Wright

Unfortunately, texify is not in TeX Live.  Do you find MikTeX
to be better than TeX Live.  I notice that you specify PDF.
I find DVI to be much easier to work with, however, on Windows
with TeX Live, DVIOUT is very slow, about a minute to display
per page.  Maybe I should just switch to MikTeX since I don't
have much to lose at this point.  However, TeX Live comes with
way more packages like beamer, pgf, statex that you have to
manually install with MikTeX.


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