[ESS] ess-eval* (was: max lisp eval depth & ESS)

Dan Davison davison at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sat Jun 30 11:08:34 CEST 2007

I seem to rely very heavily on my .Rhistory file (comint-input-ring) and [C-up] to move quickly through my past commands. I'd like to use the ess-eval* keystrokes more when appropriate, but on my set up, commands entered by ess-eval* don't seem to be captured by comint-input-ring, which dissuades me slightly from using them. Could/should this be changed?



On Sat, Jun 30, 2007 at 09:18:38AM +0100, Chris Evans wrote:
> Richard M. Heiberger sent the following  at 28/06/2007 16:00:
> > I always use C-c C-n.
> > It is very fast because both are ctrl keys.
> And I now see that the default to submit a line is C-c C-j, I had
> misread it as C-c M-j
> > Keyboard commands are normally much faster than shifting the
> > mouse to some menu somewhere.
> Yes, I'm mostly a keyboard maven but I pretty much only go to submitting
> a line at a time (instead of my beloved C-c C-c) when I'm in mental
> debugging mode when lifting my fingers from the keyboard and
> contemplatively clicking through has become my preferred option.
> Creature of habit me.  I think I'll find the slightly different
> distribution of commands across the menus a muddling factor too but
> oddly enough I've always used Emacs on my linux box (usually in an
> utterly basic ssh shell window from remote windoze so toolbars no issue
> there and very rarely editing R).  Maybe I should transfer and unify
> what I do!
> > The ess-eval functions are on the menu.  From within
> > a myfile.r buffer, click on the ESS menu item and find them.
> > The menu item gives the keystrokes as an encouragement to use them.
> Yes and it's one of those wonderful touches that should that the
> brilliant programmers who created ESS are also real users, or can think
> like them!
> > There is also a toolbar option, which I turned off, that gives
> > buttons for sending stuff.
> And I'm probably now wasting list time pursuing the fact that this
> doesn't seem to come up on invoking ESS in my installation of Emacs/ESS!
> Cheers all,
> C
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