[ESS] BUGS mode

John P. Burkett burkett at uri.edu
Sat Jun 16 23:03:21 CEST 2007

My problem is that opening a .bug file in Gnu Emacs on my computers does 
not activate ESS.  (This is in contrast with the smooth functioning of 
Emacs and ESS when a .R file is opened.)

The context for my problem is as follows:  Because my computers operate 
under Gentoo Linux, the versions of Emacs and ESS in use are those 
currently available through its emerge/portage system. I am using Emacs 
version 21.4.2 and ESS version 5.2.2.

The problem occurs not only with .bug files I create but also with 
examples provided in the rbugs library--e.g., kidney.bug.

The problem is not corrected by adding the following lines to my .emacs 
(require 'essl-bug)
(autoload 'bugs-mode "bugs-mode" "BUGS-mode" t)

Any suggestions for fixing the problem would be gratefully received.


John P. Burkett
Department of Economics
806 Chafee Hall, 10 Chafee Road
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881-0808

phone (401) 874-9195

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