[ESS] BUGS mode

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jun 17 13:53:24 CEST 2007

John P. Burkett writes:
 > My problem is that opening a .bug file in Gnu Emacs on my computers does 
 > not activate ESS.  (This is in contrast with the smooth functioning of 
 > Emacs and ESS when a .R file is opened.)
 > The context for my problem is as follows:  Because my computers operate 
 > under Gentoo Linux, the versions of Emacs and ESS in use are those 
 > currently available through its emerge/portage system. I am using Emacs 
 > version 21.4.2 and ESS version 5.2.2.
 > The problem occurs not only with .bug files I create but also with 
 > examples provided in the rbugs library--e.g., kidney.bug.
 > The problem is not corrected by adding the following lines to my .emacs 
 > file:
 > (require 'essl-bug)
 > (autoload 'bugs-mode "bugs-mode" "BUGS-mode" t)
 > Any suggestions for fixing the problem would be gratefully received.

hi John,
ess-site.el has the following snippet to set auto-mode-alist

           ;("\\.[Bb][Uu][Gg]\\'"         . ess-bugs-mode)
           ("\\.[Bb][Oo][Gg]\\'"         . ess-bugs-mode)
           ("\\.[Bb][Mm][Dd]\\'"         . ess-bugs-mode)
           ("\\.[Jj][Mm][Dd]\\'"         . ess-jags-mode)

I'm not sure why the first regexp, that would match .bug, is commented
out.  (Rodney, is this you?  

r3636 | rsparapa | 2006-08-18 20:29:41 +0100 (Fri, 18 Aug 2006) | 2 lines

ESS[BUGS] & ESS[JAGS]:  I'd still like to do more testing before a
release, but I think this all works now.  Enjoy!  Comments welcome.

In say kidney.bug, what happens if you do M-x ess-bugs-mode  ?

Sorry, I don't use bugs-mode, so can't help further.


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