[ESS] Remote use of S/R (ess-remote, S+elsewhere)

A.J. Rossini blindglobe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 13:48:58 CET 2005

I'm cleaning up old code, and found a bit that I'd like to commit --
does anyone have issues with removing the "deprecated" functions,
S+elsewhere ?

I'm not removing "ess-remote", which is the sanctioned approach, but
we've got dead code to remove.

Anyone doing remote S work (S-PLUS, R) should be using ess-remote; and
while I know there are issues (i.e. I have them, from ancient Cygwin
connecting to ancient AIX), but am working on them.  Any issues should
be reported this week while I'm fixing them.


blindglobe at gmail.com
Muttenz, Switzerland.
"Commit early,commit often, and commit in a repository from which we can easily
roll-back your mistakes" (AJR, 4Jan05).

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