Drama printing from a graphics window using R 1.9.0 patched, ess 5.2.2, and WinXP...

Michael J. Manning michael.manning at niwa.co.nz
Wed Sep 8 06:18:19 CEST 2004

Hi ESS crew

I am running R version 1.9.0 (the patched version) as an inferior
process under XEmacs (version 21.4) via ESS (version 5.2.2) on a Windows
XP box (under sufference).

I seem to be having a problem with printing from a graphics window to
network printers when running an R session as follows:

(1.) I draw a plot (any plot) on a win.graph() (the call is actually to
x11, but who's counting...) then
(2.) I select File-->Print from the menu then
(3.) the R process returns an error message "unable to choose printer"

I do not have this problem if I start the R (1.9.0 patched) process 
using the GUI and repeat the above steps or if I use an older version of 
R (in this case, 1.7.1) with either ess version 5.1.24 or 5.2.2. I 
observe the behaviour only with more recent versions of R (1.9.0 
patched), regardless of the ess version number (5.1.24 or 5.2.2).

Anybody else seen this behaviour, or, ideally, able to suggest a fix?

Thanks muchly


Michael J. Manning
Inshore and Pelagic Fisheries
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA)
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