texi2html - compilation problem with ESS 5.2.2 and FC1 (Again)

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Tue Sep 14 18:37:28 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Baker (CMIS, St Lucia) <Peter.Baker at csiro.au>
>>>>>     on Wed, 8 Sep 2004 14:08:32 +1000 (EST) writes:

    Peter> Hi
    Peter> I had trouble installing ESS 5.2.2 from source on Fedora Core 1 but
    Peter> this is resolved.

    Peter> Could I suggest that the unix installation documentation includes a
    Peter> minimum version number of texi2html as a prerequisite. I believe this
    Peter> should be 1.66

    Peter> Thanks to those who responded.

    Peter> The .el lisp files work fine - its only the documentation that bombs
    Peter> and thats not absolutely necessary

    Peter> In particular,

    Peter> - Toni Rossini suggested updating texi2html (this worked)
    Peter> I just installed texi2html 1.70 from source as the one installed
    Peter> on Fedora Core 1 with tetex is 1.64.
    Peter> 'make install' now works fine: no changes necessary

    Peter> - Paul Johnson suggested using his ess-emacs-5.2.1 rpm because he had
    Peter> the 5.2.2  bug fixes included. see
    Peter> http://lark.cc.ku.edu/~pauljohn/software/favoriteEmacsFiles/

    Peter> - I accidentally found emacs-ess-5.2.2-3.tgm.noarch.rpm at
    Peter> http://community.moertel.com/ss/space/RPMs

    Peter> I think that the last two options will work fine as well.

as a matter of fact,  texi2html has been replaced by
"makeinfo --html"  for the current development version of ESS.

Just because I found similar problems as you and decided to go
with something more stable (and the same thing we use for R).

Martin Maechler

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