[ESS] ess toolbar not displayed in Windows 2000

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 15 20:23:22 CET 2004


the toolbar is relatively new, and I tested it only on Windows XP
using XEmacs.  So we'll have to see if we can work out why it won't
work on your system.

First off, can you get ESS toolbar on a different variant of windows
(e.g XP)?

Do toolbars work at all in Emacs 21.3 on Windows? e.g. when you start
up emacs with "emacs -q" do you get the basic toolbar?

Can you try running XEmacs to see if this is an XEmacs vs Emacs thing?

Adaikalavan Ramasamy writes:
 > Does anyone know why the the wonderful R/S-PLUS and files toolbar works
 > in Linux (Redhat Fedora Core 2) and not in Windows 2000 ? Does anyone
 > else have this problem ?
 > I am using ess 5.2.3, emacs 21.3.1 and R-2.0.0 on both systems. 
 > The "Changes/New Features in 5.2.1" says that the toolbar should be
 > enabled if Emacs displays images but as far as I can see emacs 21.3.x
 > should be able to do this. 
 > If someone could suggest what I need to solve the problem, I would be
 > grateful. Please cc me in the solutions as I am not subscribed to the
 > mailing list.

 > I managed to convince some of my colleagues to try R with using
 > emacs-ess but they are not used to the emacs key bindings. They would
 > find the R toolbar very useful.

Great, this was the reason I put the toolbar in, to encourage people
to get into using ESS.  Let me know how it goes.



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