5.2.1 feedback

Stephen Eglen stephen at anc.ed.ac.uk
Wed Jun 30 12:38:10 CEST 2004

hi Robin,

thanks for the feedback.

 > Could the ESS core update the docs to include this variable please?
 > It doesn't appear to be mentioned anywhere in the docs at all (to
 > be more precise: it's not given high visibility in the docs).

It is currently mentioned in "Reading help files in ESS":

   Help buffers normally appear in another window within the current
frame.  If you wish help buffers to appear in their own frame (either
one per help buffer, or one for all help buffers), you can customize the
variable `ess-help-own-frame'.

 > It'd be good to put it in section A.4, "Variables you may wish to change"

It might be, but there are now many variables to configure, and I'm
not sure if we want to list most of them in A.4; instead, my
recommendation is for users to use "Customize" to browse (and set) the
user variables in ESS.  try "M-x customize-group RET ess RET" to get


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