5.2.1 feedback

Robin Hankin rksh at soc.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 30 10:13:49 CEST 2004

At 04:38 am -0400 30/06/04, Paul Johnson wrote:
>(require 'pc-select)
>(load "../ess/lisp/ess-site")
>(setq inferior-ess-own-frame t)
>;;create a new fram for each help instance
>(setq ess-help-own-frame t)
>;;If you want all help
>;; buffers to go into one frame do:
>;; (setq ess-help-own-frame 'one)

Thanks for this!  I've been looking for a way to make help pages 
appear in their own
frame for a long time, but been too embarrassed to ask.

Could the ESS core update the docs to include this variable please? 
It doesn't appear to be mentioned
anywhere in the docs at all (to be more precise: it's not given high 
visibility in the docs).

It'd be good to put it in section A.4, "Variables you may wish to change"

best wishes


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