Please test these rpms if you run Fedora Core 2 linux

Paul Johnson pauljohn at
Tue Jun 29 20:21:58 CEST 2004

This works for me. I would appreciate knowing if it works for  you.

(spec and SRPM file are in same directory)

After installing, please review the file 

if you want to tailor your startup settings for ess.  I have it set here 
so that R starts in its own buffer and help windows show in a separate 
(single) buffer as well.

Toolbar buttons work, except for the one furthest on the right (ESS, 
with a tooltip that says "go to ESS". If R is in a separate frame, that 
button does not seem to do anything.

If you run Fedora Core 1 or RedHat 9, take the src.rpm file and rebuild 
for yourself with

rpmbuild --rebuild ess-emacs-5.2.1-1fc2.src.rpm

That will create an rpm you can use (although the file name will still 
have fc2 in it, it should be ok for wherever it is built).

If the file name drives you insane, install the SRPM file:

rpm -ivh ess-emacs-5.2.1-1fc2.src.rpm

then in your rpm SPEC directory, edit the spec file to change the 
version name, and build a new rpm with

rpmbuild -ba ess-emacs-5.2.1.spec

(I think that's what I called the spec file...)
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