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Mon Jun 7 19:16:11 CEST 2004

Hello ess-community,

I am going to ask a question I did ask in the past but even with the
replies I got I didn't succeed in doing what I wanted.  Here it is.

I routinely, every day, run S+ through ESS on a Unix server.  I access the
server from a PC through an application called Citrix.  Once logged on the
server I sart Emacs and run S+6 (Sqpe actually) through an ESS buffer;
everything works fine, that is, as long as the Citrix connection remains
open.  Today Citrix is down but I still need to go on with my work!  I also
have Emacs and ESS on my PC.  I can access the Sun server through the PC
Emacs, e.g. I can run dired on a directory on the Sun server, of course I
have to supply the path to the server and my password, but once that done I
can navigate through the different directories, I can view and edit files,

But when I try to run Splus on the server from Emacs on my PC I have no
luck.  The instructions, from the ESS node of the Emacs info tree, to do

  1. Start a new telnet or ssh buffer and connect to the remote

If I do: "M-x telnet" an independent telnet session is started, it doesn't
run in an Emacs buffer, furthermore Emacs is frozen until I shut down the
telnet session???

  2. Start the ESS process on the remote machine, for example with one
     of the commands `Splus', or `R', or `sas -stdio'.

This part is easy but because of the problems in (1) it is not connected in
anyway to Emacs.

  3. Enter the ESS command `M-x ess-remote'.  You will be prompted for
     a program name.  Enter `sp6' or `r' or `sas' or another valid
     name.  Your telnet process is now known to ESS.  All the usual ESS
     commands (`C-c C-n' and its relatives) now work with the S
     language processes.

Supposing I get replies from which I can get a telnet process running
inside an Emacs buffer then from which buffer do type `M-x ess-remote'.  If
I get this far I hope I can get by by myself from this point on.

Thanks for any help,

Gérald Jean
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