Richard M. Heiberger rmh at
Mon Jun 7 19:40:48 CEST 2004

The Windows telnet is a standalone client.  It won't work inside an Emacs buffer.

Add the following to your .emacs file

;;;; You need this if you decide to telnet through emacs
(setq telnet-program "c:/emacs/telnet/telnet.exe")
 (defvar telnet-remote-echoes nil "True if the telnet process will echo input."))
(load-library "telnet")
(load-library "telnet-igor")

The telnet client I use is available at
It was originally written by igor.milavec at and I don't
have the original location at my fingertips.  The telnet.exe here
was revised by "Larry Smith" <lsmith at>.  The bug fix
allows incoming lines longer than 256 to appear without crashing.

You need
 1081 Dec  6  1998 telnet-igor.el
77505 Nov 29  1999 telnet.exe
 3922 Feb 25  1999 telnetdirtrack.el

telnet-igor.el     revises the standard emacs supplied telnet function for this client.

;;; This file shows how to have emacs in telnet mode almost transparently
;;; track the current directory on the host machine.


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