Starting SAS in XEMACS ESS, Win32

Neal Oden noden at
Mon Feb 2 16:41:17 CET 2004

This is probably a horribly naive question, but I am trying to install ESS 
to run SAS in a WinXP port of XEMACS, and have gotten to the point where 
ESS mode is entered (and the file is colored correctly) when I load a .SAS 
file.  I have set SAS into the PATH.  But when I try to run SAS using M-x 
SAS [RETURN], I get the error message "searching for program; No such file 
or directory, /bin/sh".  Also, none of the function keys are defined.  Can 
you please tell me what to do now?

Neal Oden

The EMMES Corporation
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