Starting SAS in XEMACS ESS, Win32

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at
Mon Feb 2 17:28:57 CET 2004

M-x SAS doesn't work on Windows.  This is a SAS issue.  They do not
provide the -stdio flag on the sas command on Windows systems.  That
flag is available on Unix systems.

The best plan on Windows is to use emacs and ESS for editing your *.sas
files.  When you are ready to run a "PROC .... RUN;" region, highlight it
and drop it into the SAS EDITOR window in the the SAS DISPLAY MANAGER.

See the info files for ESS.
C-h i C-s ESS <RET> <RET> C-s SAS C-s <RET> <RET>

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