customizing ess 5.2.2 toolbar

Jack Tanner ihok at
Tue Aug 3 16:45:14 CEST 2004

Stephen Eglen wrote:
> I'm not sure how customizable other emacs toolbars are.  But as far as
> ESS goes, currently the toolbar is not dynamically modifiable during a
> session.  If you change a ESS toolbar var, you have to restart Emacs
> to see its effect.

Allow me to suggest that having to restart an application to see toolbar 
changes a) is a really harsh restriction on the user; b) is contrary to 
user expectation; and c) differs from how toolbar modification works in 
every application I've ever tried it in on any platform.

> Thanks; this string "no other R or Sqpe versions" helped me find the
> problem easily; I get the same behaviour.  This is a bug in 5.2.2, and
> I'm surprised if anyone (not just you) could get the R button to work
> in this version.  I have now fixed it, so either wait for the next
> version, or if you are feeling brave, edit ess-mode.el (and delete
> ess-mode.elc) as follows:
> line 230 should read:
>      ["No other R or Sqpe versions" R nil])
> change it to:
>      ["No other R or Sqpe versions" nil nil])

I confirm that this change works.

This experience prompted me to batch-byte-compile ESS, which seems to 
have worked, but it generated a bunch of warnings. Is it reasonable to 
expect them to get cleaned up in a future version?

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