customizing ess 5.2.2 toolbar

Stephen Eglen stephen at
Tue Aug 3 12:06:19 CEST 2004

 > > hi jacak, can you check that the above entry comes BEFORE your entry 
 > > in .emacs where ESS is loaded?  (SHould be loaded by some line
 > > like (require 'ess-site).  The toolbar is generated only once at
 > > startup, so if you modify it after the file is loaded, the changes
 > > wont have any effect.
 > You're right, this works if I move the customization to the top of 
 > .emacs. But this means that the toolbar can't be customized in a running 
 > emacs. Is this par for the course for other toolbars too?

I'm not sure how customizable other emacs toolbars are.  But as far as
ESS goes, currently the toolbar is not dynamically modifiable during a
session.  If you change a ESS toolbar var, you have to restart Emacs
to see its effect.

 > >  > (Incidentally, the R invocation button is broken -- it doesn't
 > >  > detect R  
 > >  > on my system, Fedora Core 2 with R-1.9.1-0.fdr.1.2.)
 > > Eek!  Does M-x R work?
 > M-x R works fine. The tooltip shows "no other R or Sqpe versions".

Thanks; this string "no other R or Sqpe versions" helped me find the
problem easily; I get the same behaviour.  This is a bug in 5.2.2, and
I'm surprised if anyone (not just you) could get the R button to work
in this version.  I have now fixed it, so either wait for the next
version, or if you are feeling brave, edit ess-mode.el (and delete
ess-mode.elc) as follows:

line 230 should read:
     ["No other R or Sqpe versions" R nil])

change it to:

     ["No other R or Sqpe versions" nil nil])

and restart Emacs.  Fingers crossed.


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