Aborting Fontifying

Jim Rogers jrogers at cantatapharm.com
Thu Jan 23 20:29:28 CET 2003

Dear list, 

My background and some thanks (optional reading):
I have done S+ programming using ESS for emacs for several years. Some
months ago I simultaneously switched from S+ to R, from emacs to xemacs,
and also started using iESS instead of just ESS (previously I was using
S+4 for Windows which I could never configure to work through iESS). I
was stunned by how easy it was to get R working through iESS, using
Xemacs, thanks to the instructions and files at
http://software.biostat.washington.edu/statsoft/ess Many, many thanks to
those who have turned this installation and configuration into a totally
painless process !

On to my question:
I am trying to figure out how to tell iESS to stop trying to fontify a
bunch of accidental output. For example, I may accidentally print a
large data.frame (or more often, I call traceback() without realizing
how long the output will be).
I see from the documentation that I can abort the print command with C-c
C-c. But then I am stuck watching the "Fontifying *R*" thing, which may
eventually complete its task, but usually not before I get impatient and
kill the whole xemacs process. The "stop" button for "Fontifying *R*"
does not seem to work for me. 
I am working with 1.2 GHz pentium 4 and 1 gig RAM, so I don't think I
can blame my machine. Is there a better way (i.e. better than killing
the whole process) to tell Xemacs to just leave the output alone and
move on?

I have Xemacs 21.4.9 for Windows (XP), and a fairly recent version of
ESS (downloaded in the past year - sorry I can't seem to find a version

Thanks very much, 

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