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Gerald.Jean at spgdag.ca Gerald.Jean at spgdag.ca
Tue Jan 21 15:06:38 CET 2003


I am the poster of the original question about GenStat and ESS.  Since my
post I have moved to GenStat 6.1 for Unix, a beta version.  It looks like I
will be using GenStat pretty regularly, it can handle problems of size I
can't even think to tackle with Splus.  I am still very interested in a
GenStat mode for ESS.  I am by no means an elisp programmer and further
more I am under the gun here to produce results analyzing huge data sets.
I'll give it a try, but instructions must be very clear; if I don't succeed
quickly I'll set it aside and come back to it in a few months when pressure
releases a little bit.

Thanks to Tod Ball for his reply,

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