tool bar for ESS [R] editing modes?

Stephen Eglen eglen at
Fri Jun 7 21:43:57 CEST 2002


A colleague of mine who users R wants to switch from Windows to Linux;
under Windows he happily used Win-edt for running and simple editing
of R scripts.  He particularly liked the toolbar in Win-edt for
sending a line or region to a running R process.

The only alternative to ESS under linux that I could see is the
editing mode for Kate, the KDE editor

However, with a redhat 7.3 installation, that R.xml will cause kate to
crash!  It looks like kate is still undergoing rapid development, and
updated rpm's are not available yet, so I don't think I'll go down
that route.

So, it is back to Emacs (I tried to get him to use it previously, but
he was not happy with Emacs!).  However, the addition of a tool bar
may make him feel slightly more "at home".  To my knowledge, the R
editing mode in ESS doesn't have a toolbar.  Has anyone ever tried
making one?  I'm thinking it would just have buttons for:

Save R buffer
Start an R process
Send current line to *R* process
Send current region to *R* process

which should get him started (and hopefully hooked) on using R.

has anyone built a toolbar before?  I'm guessing it is not that hard,
and I'm pretty fluent at elisp, but I thought I'd check with the list
first before starting.

best wishes,

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