tool bar for ESS [R] editing modes?

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Tue Jun 11 07:25:07 CEST 2002

>>>>> "stephen" == Stephen Eglen <eglen at> writes:

    stephen> hi,
    stephen> A colleague of mine who users R wants to switch from Windows to Linux;
    stephen> under Windows he happily used Win-edt for running and simple editing
    stephen> of R scripts.  He particularly liked the toolbar in Win-edt for
    stephen> sending a line or region to a running R process.

    stephen> The only alternative to ESS under linux that I could see is the
    stephen> editing mode for Kate, the KDE editor

    stephen> However, with a redhat 7.3 installation, that R.xml will cause kate to
    stephen> crash!  It looks like kate is still undergoing rapid development, and
    stephen> updated rpm's are not available yet, so I don't think I'll go down
    stephen> that route.

    stephen> So, it is back to Emacs (I tried to get him to use it previously, but
    stephen> he was not happy with Emacs!).  However, the addition of a tool bar
    stephen> may make him feel slightly more "at home".  To my knowledge, the R
    stephen> editing mode in ESS doesn't have a toolbar.  Has anyone ever tried
    stephen> making one?  I'm thinking it would just have buttons for:

    stephen> Save R buffer
    stephen> Start an R process
    stephen> Send current line to *R* process
    stephen> Send current region to *R* process

    stephen> which should get him started (and hopefully hooked) on using R.

    stephen> has anyone built a toolbar before?  I'm guessing it is not that hard,
    stephen> and I'm pretty fluent at elisp, but I thought I'd check with the list
    stephen> first before starting.

It's pretty simple -- I've gotten hung up by the graphics.

In fact, I've got code for the SAS toolbar for XEmacs, which I need to
integrate.  Stephen, if you like, I'll send that to you...


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