Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Dec 11 02:19:04 CET 2002

It works for me with keyboard as I suggested or with both menu items
(eval and go moves the cursor to the remote buffer, eval leaves it in
the S file).

My next guess is that you are using the wrong sender.  You are using
comint-simple-send.  On my system I am using inferior-ess-input-sender.
My first guess is that you are using the *shell* buffer for your remote
connection and I am using a *telnet-host* buffer.  Why that should be
relevant I don't know, I thought that part of the task of ess-remote was
to switch the sender.

None-the-less, that is the difference between the *ESS* that you have and the
one I have.  So try this.
.Instead of entering the telnet command into the open *shell* buffer,
begin by
   M-x telnet
then login and start R, then enter
   M-x ess-remote
and try sending the buffer.

If it works please let me know.  If it doesn't send the last chunk of


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