Bud Gibson fpgibson at
Tue Dec 10 22:22:00 CET 2002

The only way what I did differs from this is that I used the menu option 
versus the keyboard command.  Also, my attempt did send one line in.

Rich Heiberger wrote:

>My first question is how are you using it.  I just verified that C-c C-b
>ess-eval-buffer works correctly with ess-remote.
>1. login to the remote computer and start S.
>2. with the cursor in the remote buffer, enter
>      M-x ess-remote
>3. Move the cursor to myfile.s (prepDat.02.q in your example)
>4. enter
>     C-c C-b
>.5. move back to the remote buffer and the entire buffer has been sent
>over and evaluated.

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