Error message: "No ESS process is associated with this buffer now"

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Tue Aug 20 01:16:40 CEST 2002

This is a bug that I've been seeing in recent versions; I've been
meaning for 3 weeks to debug it.  

To speed up matters, could you try variants of:

1. starting in the editor with a *.R file
2. starting R (M-x R)

i.e.  1 then 2,  and 2 then 1, and tell me (us) which ones barf?


>>>>> "ross" == Ross Henderson <ross at> writes:

    ross> greetings,

    ross> I'd like your help in resolving this error message:  "No ESS process
    ross> is associated with this buffer now"  I'm running ESS 5.1.20 from within
    ross> Xemacs 21.4.8 on a Windows 2000 computer.  I am using R-mode (R 1.5.1).  
    ross> When I write a function in one xemacs window, I get the error message 
    ross> above when I try to load it into another split window (by typing C-c C-l).  

    ross> I'm not sure why a null value for the process would be returned, since
    ross> the process is running in the orginal window.

    ross> Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to correct it?

    ross> Thanks.

    ross> --Ross

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