Getting SAS to run in ESS and Win98

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Mar 21 06:17:45 CET 2001

There are three modes of interaction with SAS using ESS and emacs.
Only two of them work on windows.  The method you are using, M-x SAS,
is the one that doesn't work.  The problem is that we are using standard
input/output to interact with SAS and SAS explicitly does not support
standard input/output on the Windows machines.

The other two forms of interaction are the SAS Batch Processing, using
the function keys.  See doc/ and search for the line
ESS[SAS]: Function keys for batch processing

The other method that works is to use ESS for editing your SAS files and
then use the mouse to pick up sections and drop them into the SAS Editing
window and then press the SAS Run button.  The method using the SAS display
manager places the listing and log files in other SAS windows.  You can
move them to emacs with either the mouse, or by saving the files from the
SAS window and then finding them (C-x C-f) into emacs.

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