Getting SAS to run in ESS and Win98

Ramesh Krishnan ramesh at
Tue Mar 20 22:41:31 CET 2001

I am having difficulty getting SAS (V8) to run from ESS 5.1.8 on GNU Emacs
(20.7.1 under Win98).

I have changed the variables sas-program and inferior-SAS-program-name
(after the defaults did not work) to reflect the pathname for sas.exe. M-x
SAS seems to be calling "c:/Program
Files/emacs-20.7/ess/lisp/../etc/ess-sas-sh-command", but I am not sure how
I would modify that to run for Windows.

BTW, explicit-shell-file-name is set to bash. Having bash on my machine
doesn't seem to help interpret the above shell file.



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