Emacs & ESS under Windows

Emmanuel Paradis paradis at isem.univ-montp2.fr
Tue Mar 20 12:25:19 CET 2001

Hi David,

At 11:38 19/03/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Emmanuel --
>Thank you very much for your posting on setting up Emacs and ESS under
>Windows.  I had already set these up at work, but I used your instructions
>at home and they were very helpful.
>One thing that was not included in your instructions that might help:  I
>found that I needed to add the path to the rterm.exe file to my
>autoexec.bat file.  In other words, if your path statement in your
>autoexec.bat file is :
>you may need to change it to:

This is for Windows 95 and/or 98.

>In fact, I think the official Emacs instructions tell you to add
>c:\emacs-20.7\bin; to the path statement as well, which I did to my work
machine but not to
>my home machine, with no apparent difference in function.

I didn't try this on WinNT: I simply put "...\emacs-20.7\bin" in my path
(it's probably safer this way, eg for gnuserv).

>Note that if you don't add c:\rw1022\bin to your path statement, you get a
message saying:
>"Searching for program, no such file or directory, Rterm."

I don't have "...\rw1022\bin" in my path under WinNT. Thus, I see 2
possible explanations for your problem: (i) this is OS-specific and Win9x
need to have Rterm in the path, or (ii) you didn't specify correctly the
path to Rterm in the ess-site.el file.


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