timeout waiting for prompt

Martyn Byng m.c.byng at reading.ac.uk
Tue Mar 20 13:06:58 CET 2001


We have ESS installed on two machines, one running RedHat Linux 7.0
(kernel 2.2.16) and the other SuSE Linux 6.3 (kernel 2.2.13) 

Both machines have ESS version 5.1.18 installed, working under xemacs
21.1.7 and running either SPlus 5.0 or R.

Trying to use ESS on the SuSE machine results in a "timeout waiting for
prompt. Check inferior-ess-prompt or ess-loop-timeout" error, whereas
everything seems OK when running from the RedHat machine. After the error
message, everything works (except the prompt), I can enter and run
commands, just can't see where I'm supposed to enter them !!

The configuration of ESS is the same on both machines (I've even copied
the RedHat installation to the SuSE machine, but got the same error),
increasing the ess-loop-timeout by a factor of 10 doesn't solve the
problem (just gives a very long boot time !).

The only difference I can see is that the RedHat machine is running a
local version of SPlus, whereas the SuSE machine is running it off a
mounted drive. Would this make a difference, and is there any where else I
should be looking/doing to try and find solve the problem ?


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