ESS /NT/ tab replace/ scroll interrupt

S.McClatchie s.mcclatchie at
Thu Mar 1 21:42:31 CET 2001


System info:
R version rw1020 on NT
ESS using emacs ver. 20.4

On 1 Mar 01,, Prof Brian D Ripley wrote (re: Re: (off topic) Re: [R] 

> Just to remind people that ESS and FSF Emacs run on Windows too. 
> (There is  or was also an Xemacs port to Windows, but I have very 
> little experience with it.)

I've found ESS on windows to be a very workable editor well integrated 
with R and was bemused by the discussion of various editors (on the R 
maillist) where you have to cut and paste into the [R] window. I was not 
able to get Xemacs going under NT, even with the help of our IT person 
who knows emacs well, but ESS works very well under emacs on NT.

I do have a few  irritations -- perhaps someone can help?

1. the first tab complete for an object in the [R] window is grindingly slow 
(not news to anyone). At the first attempt to tab complete an object name, 
forming all the completions took 69 seconds on my system. The second 
tab complete was almost immediate. 

2. Tab complete in the minibuffer following ctrl CD doesn't seem to be 
working right on my setup -- I just get a tab.

3. If I inadvertantly return a large object (i.e. many thousand rows of 
data) to scroll on the screen, I cannot interrupt the scroll.
ctrlCC has no effect
ctrlGCC locks my system
killing it works but shuts down R which is not a happy event.

Any advice on points 2 and 3 above?



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