Grouping on mouse buffer menu

Martin Maechler maechler at
Thu Dec 20 08:39:40 CET 2001

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Berry <m1jhb00 at> writes:

    >>  I've been looking around for the possibility of grouping
    >> all the ESS-related buffers on the buffer menu that shows
    >> up when I press C-down-mouse-1.
    >> Playing around, I found that the variable
    >> mouse-buffer-menu-mode-groups is probably the variable to
    >> set, but not (yet) being an elisp hacker, I'll probably
    >> mess up something seriously if I try too many weird
    >> things with it :-), so the simple question is whether
    >> anybody else has set this variable to group all the ESS
    >> buffers? Or can see immediately how the variable should
    >> look?

    Jim> [disclaimer: I don't use C-mouse-1] This will pick up
    Jim> any buffer with ESS in its major mode name string:
    Jim> (add-to-list 'mouse-buffer-menu-mode-groups '("ESS" . "ESS"))

thank you, Jim.

Probably most of the ESS developers are not using C-mouse-1
extensively (some of don't use the mouse very much at all ..).
However, for the ESS users who do, the above should be made
default behavior I think. 
Of course one could think of further differentiating different
kind of ESS buffers, but in most cases it won't be worth it.

Since the release of ESS 5.1.20 is pretty imminent (finally
proper support of Emacs 21), I'd be glad to add this before
release unless I hear more..

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