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Wed Dec 19 15:00:38 CET 2001

>>>>> "pev" == pablo e verde <pablo> writes:

    pev>  Hi [[Tony]],


    pev> I am a linux user and I enjoy using "ess". Now, I want to
    pev> install it on a windows 98 computer.


    pev> I have installed  "emacs-20.7" and unpacked  "ess-5.1.19". 
    pev> I cant` find the ".emacs" file in the windows intallation of
    pev> emacs to add the line


    pev>  (load "/PATH/ess-site") What I need to do in win98 to
    pev> install ess?

I'm not a good person to ask about Microsoft (so I'm cc'ing r-help if
there are any stupid things that I'm saying).  You might try simply
opening .emacs (or _emacs, not sure which) from a freshly started
Emacs, and see if it is read in subsequent emacsen (i.e. let Emacs
figure out where it should be placed).

I think that is a working approach.


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