Grouping on mouse buffer menu

Jim Berry m1jhb00 at
Wed Dec 19 17:35:46 CET 2001

> I've been looking around for the possibility of grouping all the
> ESS-related buffers on the buffer menu that shows up when I press
> C-down-mouse-1. 
> Playing around, I found that the variable
> mouse-buffer-menu-mode-groups is probably the variable to set, but not
> (yet) being an elisp hacker, I'll probably mess up something seriously
> if I try too many weird things with it :-), so the simple question is
> whether anybody else has set this variable to group all the ESS
> buffers? Or can see immediately how the variable should look?

[disclaimer: I don't use C-mouse-1]
This will pick up any buffer with ESS in its major mode name string:
(add-to-list 'mouse-buffer-menu-mode-groups  '("ESS" . "ESS"))

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