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Mon Jun 19 10:53:31 CEST 2000

Dear ESS-help,

as I am managing my sources on a per directory basis,
I would like to strip the user-login-name part of the dump files.

Therefore I added a

(setq ess-dump-filename-template "%s.R")

to my .emacs file.

When I start my R-session ess-dump-filename-template
seems to be overwritten by the defaults from the ess directory.

Question: Can I put a line in my .emacs to get the requested beheaviour
out of ess (without recompiling)?

(I am not an emacser nor a native lisper, so may be quite elementary)

If not:
Wouldn't it be naturally to put ess-dump-filename-template in 
ess-site.el? The documentation up to version 5.1.13 does not give too
clear information on how to use this option.

In any case thank all you coders for providing ESS! It makes me use emacs.
You know what that means for a vi fan!

Detlef Steuer


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