Rich Heiberger rmh at
Mon Jun 19 19:22:40 CEST 2000

The place to look for information on changing the default value of
ess-dump-filename-template and related variables is in the info.
C-h i
dump file variables

and then follow the linked references.

I personally have never used this feature of ESS.  There are two styles of
maintaining source code.  The style that uses ess-dump-filename-template assumes
the S object in .Data is real and that the text version in the dump file is

I use the style that says the text is the myfile.s file is real and the object
in .Data is temproary.  Therefore I do all my development of functions in the
text file and use C-c C-n or C-c C-r to move lines or functions into S or R
as needed.  When the functions work correctly I save the file myfile.s
(in the appropriate directory) and the task is done.

There is some discussion of these two styles in ess-site.el.

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