Use ESS with S-PLUS 2000 on Win'98

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Jun 16 00:11:36 CEST 2000

I haven't seen this error before.  I am making a guess.

My guess is that you inadvertently killed the *S+4* buffer and therefore
when you try to send lines over with C-c C-n from buffer tmp.s or with
RET from buffer, there is no place for them to go.  The *S+4* buffer
must exist for ESS to work.  It doesn't need to be visible and you can't write
in it.  But it must appear in the *Buffer List* when you do C-x C-b . 

A usage note.  We designed ESS to use the convention that files of S input
commands are in a file named something.s or something.ssc (the ssc suffix
is used by StatSci to mean "S script").  We recommend that a useful name
like exam.s be used rather than a generic name like tmp.s .

We use the convention that (S Transcript) be used for the saved
output from the Commands Window.  Again a useful name like is better
than a generic name.

The keystroke behavior is different for .s and .st files.

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